Bull Shad Swimbaits

5",6", 9" BAITS NOW AVAILABLE and the NEW 8"

Welcome to the Original Bull Shad order page. Pay Pal ordering system is now up and running. We now have 5 and 6 inch Bull Shads available in floater and slow sink. If you have any difficulty with the pay pal system or prefer other payment options please feel free to send me an email @ mbucca@comcast.net and we can work it that way.

by 2 or more swimbaits and get free shipping

**NOTE: I am unable to program paypal to NOT charge shipping if you order more than 2 baits. So when you order 2 or more swimbaits paypal will charge you shipping but I will refund the cost of shipping via paypal when baits are shipped. I hope this explains the process better.

5" Bull Shad
5 Inch Bull Shad

6" Bull Shad
6 inch Bull Shad

8" Bull Shad
8 inch Bull Shad

NEW 9"

9" Monster Shad