Original Series


Length approx 6.5 inches
Weight 1.5 oz
Hooks #2
Rate of Fall (Slow Sink) 5 to 8ft per 10 seconds
Color Blue Back
Price $55.00

I have been playing with this design for over a year now and it has gone  through about 18 different prototypes stages.   l designed the "Bull Herring" to cater to the many blue back herring and alewive lakes we have here in Georgia.  I feel like this bait fills a void in our immediate area here in Georgia and many others.  I have personally tested it on Lake Allatoona, Lanier, Parksville and Nickajack with great success.  

There are several forage profiles that are similar to this bait such as Clear Lake Hitch, Spot Tails, Alewives, Blue Back and a possible small stocker trout and also Yellow Perch and a plathorea of  saltwater forage ranging from Mullet, Mackeral, Sardines for Calicos to Cocahoes, Mullett for Red Fish and Speckle Trout.  The bait does very well at all rates of retrieve from slow to a super fast burn for you spotted bass guys.  I hope you enjoy it.  More colors and Rates of Falls coming soon.  

As for equipment. You can use any flipping type setup with this bait with a 200 series reel no problem. Ideally if you fish for spotted bass I would highly reccomend a high speed reel. I personally use a Curado 300 with a Dobyns 795 SBMT or 795ML Swimbait Rod.

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Mike Bucca

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