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Bull Herring Swimbaits

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The product of 18 different stages of prototyping, the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Herring Swimbait features a triple jointed construction and an unpolished finish. A great swimbait for herring and non-herring lakes alike, the profile and coloring of the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Herring Swimbait parallels many different species of baitfish. The swimbait mimics some of the favorite snacks of monster bass such as, the Blue Back Herring, Alewife, Hitch, Yellow Perch, Spot Tail, and the juvenile Rainbow Trout. The applications for the Bull Herring Swimbait don’t stop at freshwater. Its striking similaritiy to Mullet, Mackerel, and Sardines also allow it to be used for a number of saltwater species like, Calicos, and Speckle Trout.

Designed by angler and professional guide “Triton” Mike Bucca and his realist approach to bait manufacturing, the raw finish and frayed real-hair tail of the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Herring Swimbait create a strong likeness to that of a tattered baitfish. The triple jointed construction generates an alluring movement at any retrieve, from a blistering fast burn to a slow and methodical churn. Built with 3D eyes, high quality resin, and top-notch components, the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Herring Swimbait is a versatile swimbait that’s sure to satisfy the pallet of fish everywhere.

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