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Bull Wake

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Now attacking the top of the water column with a serious amount of disturbance is the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Shad Wakebait. It features a sturdy, double-jointed construction with an enlarged lip, which delivers a very distinctive waking action across the surface that draws in predators in from great distances. The enlarged lip also protects the hooks of the Bull Shad Wakebait from snags, giving it an amazing ability to come over logs and laydowns.

The Bull Shad Wakebait can be fished with a slow or fast retrieve, and it can also walk-the-dog – providing anglers with a large profile bait that excels at a variety of presentations. Built to handle the largest bass you can find, the Bull Shad Wakebait is fitted with heavy-duty components that include Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hooks for unmatched hook penetration, as well as, a rear swiveling hook hanger that eliminates any leverage fish can use to throw the hook during the fight. Available in a range of custom air-brushed colors that have been perfected over years by Mike Bucca, the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Shad Wakebait is sure to be as successful as the rest of the Bull Shad Swimbaits.

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